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Success Stories

Casa Paterna Divina Providencia

This home for abused children, ages three through twelve years-old, and the forgotten elderly was overwhelmed with basic needs. And they desperately needed an organized after school program: Fifty-two children were left in a driveway for two to three hours daily. There existed a territorial hierarchy according to age; the older children claiming the main play area with the others grouped in corners. A gang mentality existed and the larger, tougher, and older children would often knock over the younger children.  There were lots of cuts and bruises and rivers of tears. Crusade for Hope entered the scene making dramatic changes.

A physical education program was instituted. Then, educational board games and sports equipment were purchased and used in organized activities. Finally, the older individual group leaders softened. They traded-in their harsh attitudes and resistance and became gentle, caring helpers. Joy and laughter supplanted jeers and tears.

Crusade for Hope also paid the hospital bill (8,000 pesos) for the impoverished parents of an eight year-old leukemia victim, and provided warm clean clothing and bananas and apples to the people living in the Guatemala City garbage dump, but our biggest success story so far is bringing home an awareness of the basic needs of others around the world.








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