Our Mission

To seek the world’s worst misery and then relieve it. To rescue the homeless, the disabled, the forgotten elderly, and those trapped by vices. Through excellence in education, including the arts and sports, we aim to provide a means of escaping poverty. Education is the key. We should be building schools around the world instead of dropping bombs around the world.



To build a monetary fund for cancer victims; particularly children stricken with leukemia, so that they can have access to the best medicines and have a monetary resource for transplants.

To convey to others our philosophy that we service the entire global community regardless of skin color, nationality, political affiliation, or religious affiliation. Hunger and suffering strike all ethnicities and all age groups. And we remember to include suffering animals in our cause as well. To date, the fund has rescued six dogs: three in Colombia and three in Mexico.

Dave in Ho Chi Minh City giving a young man his very first pair of shoes

The Crusade for Hope’s long-term mission is to be an organization oriented to supporting needy people by improving the quality of their lives and assisting them in regaining human dignity, and to promote a society without people living in the streets. Again, also to rescue or assist imperiled animals: give them shelter, food, water, and medicine.








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