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Dave Feeney is a passionate champion for the poor and needy.  Born homeless, before the age of three-years-old he moved from Massachusetts to North Dakota and then to the Roosevelt Projects of St. Paul, Minnesota.  At twelve-years-old his family moved back to Boston, Massachusetts, where he resides today.  To best illustrate some of the good deeds he’s accomplished a short chronology follows:

At nine-years-old he stopped the rape of a young girl.  When he was twelve-years-old, his father having no money to buy Christmas presents, Dave took his paper route savings and bought presents for his seven brothers and sisters and parents.

During his high school years he spent several weekends volunteering at a veteran’s hospital, cleaning the beds of paraplegic patients.  Although he worked to pay his tuition, Dave played on his high school ice-hockey team, played trumpet in the high school and CYO bands and played CYO basketball. In Junior College he played in the 27th Lancers Drum and Bugle Corps.  Dave then served two-years in the US Army during the Vietnam War.  After that he returned to college and became a long distance runner, earning an invitation to compete in the 1978 National Cross-Country Championships.  After graduating from college, Mr. Feeney volunteered awhile for the Big Brother Association and then turned to teaching in 1984.  He saved the life of a neighbor who had had a stroke and he saved the life of a police officer choking on food.

After sixteen years of teaching in the Boston Public Schools in 2000, Dave Feeney began teaching overseas: Honduras, Germany, Poland, Colombia, Mexico, and most recently, Guatemala.  His lifelong passion of performing long-term humanitarian work had begun as well.  He clothed the street children of Bogota and taught English to the poor in Medellin.  As a matter of fact, one of his proudest moments came in Medellin, when he happened upon two wandering young boys.  Their fathers had been murdered and their mothers had fled and abandoned them that same day. Dave gave them shelter, fed them, bought them clothes and shoes, and then found them homes.  “There’s no better feeling in the world than that!” says fund founder Dave Feeney

In Mexico, after teaching all day he worked with abused children, poor children with leukemia, children from disintegrated families, and the forgotten elderly - six days per week.  He also rescued six street dogs in Latin America.  The first dog rescued, Lucky, has been with him for ten years.


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